Bodegas Mariano Madrueño

Wine, vermouth, brandy, aniseed liquor, cognac… all in bulk 

Madrid’s most iconic liquor shop has been run by the Madrueño family for three generations. The original distillery dates back to 1875, but Mariano Madrueño began to make liquors and syrups there 20 years later in 1895, producing products such as wine, vermouth, brandy, aniseed liquor and cognac using traditional techniques and selling them in bulk. In 1999, the distillery shut down after more than 100 years. Traces of it remain at the rear of the shop, including several American oak barrels. There are also remnants of the cellar and laboratory inside the shop. A large underground cellar houses the different wines, where they are preserved and kept at a constant temperature. The shop also offers a free wine-ageing service for customers. The wine-coloured shop is packed full of this age-old drink, with prices and standards to suit every budget.

Calle del Postigo de San Martín, 3
Tel: 915 211 955