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This section provides a historical overview of each of the traditional shops included in the WebApp "Centenary Shops of Madrid". To access information from a given establishment you should select its name on the side menu. For easy reference, the shops are grouped by category: Food and drinks, Accommodation, Graphic arts, Military items, Religious articles, Imitation jewellery, Candy shop, Pottery, Chandlery, Chocolate shop, Cork shop, Costumes, Drugstore, Tobacconist, Pharmacy, Hardware , Philatelic, Flower shop, Herbal shop, Leatherwork, Musical instruments, Jewellery shop, Bookshop, Lottery, Marbles, Haberdashery, Furniture, Fashion, Orthopaedic, Bakery, Stationery, Pastry, Barbershop, Chemicals, Gifts, Watchmaking, Restaurants and Textiles. Clicking on a category the existing establishments for such activity appear. It is also possible search for a category by entering the name in the search bar ("Activity") at the top of the side menu.

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